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At the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center students learn Northern-style Shaolin Kung Fu. The Center concentrates on building strong foundational skills in the student so that they are prepared for more advanced techniques, and can grasp a true understanding of Shaolin philosophy and kung fu.

The various stages of training combine to make a natural progression. Students begin by learning fundamental stances, punches, kicks, and transitions. Great importance is placed on the correct alignment, structure, and movement of these standard skills. It is at this foundational level where students lay the groundwork for their future study, from which more advanced techniques get their power, strength, speed, and agility. By emphasizing these core set of skills, students are guided toward a strong foundation from which all other techniques can grow. As students deepen their understanding of movement and technique, coordination is further developed through the introduction of weapons training and animal-form study. After that stage, the student will continue to grow by studying and eventually understanding the details within the techniques.

Studying at the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center is a continuous effort concentrating on the process and not the end result. While studying, students are encouraged to strive to improve their personal character. Emphasis is placed on learning to understand and respect oneself and others. Students are encouraged to practice the philosophy of “right thinking” and “right action” not just in their martial arts practice, but in every aspect of their lives.


What you will learn:

In these classes you will learn and build on the solid foundational skills needed to practice Shaolin kung fu. The student will begin with learning basic stances, kicks and punches while gaining the strength and flexibility to move on to more advanced techniques and weapons training. 


require course to all new students to SKFTC


Open to students who have completed 3 months (at least 3 classes per month) of  the Introductory to Shaolin Kung Fu. 


Students will need permission from Shifu and Shimu. 



Open to students who have completed 3 months (at least 3 classes per month) of the Introductory to Shaolin Kung Fu.

What you will learn:

In these classes you will learn the application of basic techniques you have been learning through pre-choreographed forms. These forms have been passed down for hundreds of generations and are designed for multiple skill sets. Which forms you learn will be based on your current skill level.


Open to students who have completed 3 months (at least 3 classes per month) of the Introductory to Shaolin Kung Fu.


Students will need permission from Shifu and Shimu. 


We've designed special classes to provide in-depth studies into elements of Shaolin Kung Fu.


(all skill levels)

To infinity and beyond! That is where this class will take your performance. Shifu Hengxin has created a highly intensified workout program to improve your performance in all your Shaolin studies. In this class you will gain superhuman strength, focusing on exercises that build strength, speed, and flexibility. Get that stance lower, kick and punch faster, strengthen your core, and finally hit that split! Join us and see how far into the beyond your performance will go! 


(all skill levels)

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Shifu and Shimu think that’s a great point. So this focused class is designed with quality in mind. In this class, Shifu will choose 2 kicks and their accompanying stretches (based on students’ skill level) to focus on. This is training of a true traditional nature in that the student is focusing on qualitative training. You will build confidence as you gain proficiency. So, join us for this focused study on Shaolin kicks.

Studying at the school has been a very rewarding experience. I feel encouraged and supported. Even in and after the most challenging class I feel refreshed and fulfilled, that I have pushed myself, learned something, and done something positive for my body and mind.

Julia Zaychenko

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