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The Intensive program is designed with the dedicated practitioner in mind. Challenge yourself to gain greater strength, flexibility and knowledge about Shaolin kung fu.

What to expect:

During these classes you will train to increase your flexibility, strength and focus as you learn to push passed your previous gains. This is not just standard push-ups and sit-ups, you will exercise in the traditional Shaolin style that focuses on conditioning the muscles needed to get you to the next level. Since the class time is extended, there is more time for questions and an opportunity to go over the intricate details of a centuries-old art. You will also learn about the poetry created for the specific form you are being taught. This helps with memorization of the forms and gives you an insight into how the grandmasters conceptualized and created these forms. These weeks are designed to deepen your understanding of Shaolin philosophy and kung fu to create a more well-rounded and confident kung fu student. So, we have created a program that challenges our students to go beyond their limits. The training time and frequency is increased and a special form chosen by Shifu Hengxin will also be taught. Shifu and Shimu will also go more in-depth into Shaolin culture, philosophy, and techniques. Every year we have a Winter session and a Summer session, so if you miss one you can always sign up for the other. 


5 consecutive weeks of training that always begins the week after July 4th holiday.


5 consecutive weeks of training that always begins the second week in January.

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I found a sense of camaraderie with my fellow students that helped get me through toughest parts of training.

Mark Staufenberg

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