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Shifu Hengxin

Shifu Hengxin (Shifu is Mandarin for Master) was introduced to martial arts at an early age when his uncle first brought him to the Songshan Shaolin Monastery.

At the Shaolin Monastery, the name Hengxin was bestowed upon him. Shifu Hengxin's skills and knowledge were cultivated at the Monastery by Shi Yanling, among others. Shi Yansi also influenced Shifu Hengxin by providing him with opportunities to teach and a channel to share his knowledge. After years of training in Shaolin Martial Arts and philosophy under Shi Yanling, Shi Yanbo, Shi Yanzi and Shi Yansi, Shifu Hengxin attained the highest levels of Shaolin expertise. The philosophy of Shaolin has come to play a major role in Shifu Hengxin's life. During the early 1990's, Shifu Hengxin toured the world with other members of the Shaolin Monastery in the Monk's delegation tours. Shifu Hengxin received much praise and approval from martial arts lovers worldwide for his spirited performances during these tours. In 1996, Shifu Hengxin was asked by the Shaolin Monastery to move to the United States to begin spreading Shaolin teachings. Since relocating to New York, Shifu Hengxin has appeared on the Discovery Channel, in magazines, and has participated in numerous demonstrations and seminars throughout the United States.

Through the years, Shifu Hengxin's devotion to sharing the Art and philosophy of Shaolin intensified, and in June 2001, Shifu Hengxin founded the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center. It brings him great satisfaction to continue to pass on these traditions to dedicated students and to preserve this important part of Chinese culture. Though his journey to enlightenment has brought him very far from his homeland, teaching has brought him very close to that which he holds dear: meditation, concentration, and dedication. These three attributes are the main ideas that permeate Shifu Hengxin's teachings and he believes that with those three attributes, you can succeed in anything. Shifu Hengxin hopes that each student shall gain a feeling of fulfillment through Shaolin Kung Fu.

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