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It is well accepted that 1500 years ago Bodhidharma originally brought specific martial art movements and meditation practice to China to the Shaolin Temple. Qi gong was amongst these teachings and is considered to be kung fu's complimentary practice as it helps to enhance and maintain the qi or life force within the body. Qi is needed to help any practitioner to enrich their kung fu practice. Its emphasis on breathing through various series of slow movements, practice and a deep focus on aligned postures, Qi-gong intensifies the circulation of vital energy. Little by little, deeper breathing releases body tensions and increases internal energy flow through the meridians which in return provides numerous health benefits. Stress leaves room for calmness and peace of mind emerges. Qigong’s focus on uniting mind and body, developing speed and sharpness, allows martial artists, athletes or non athletes to all enjoy its benefits. Qigong offers a unique perspective of intensifying inner strength and stamina that are key to providing long term balance in daily life.


What you will learn:

Qigong, characterized as the internal part of Shaolin kung fu, has an extensive history with Shaolin Kung fu as a low-impact way to increase flexibility and build strength simultaneously. In these classes you will learn how to synchronize your breaths with your movements, which is essential to any sport. The forms and exercises learned in these classes are known as a moving meditation because it requires intense focus to match an inhale or exhale with the required movements. As the students advance, they will be challenged to focus more as they learn more intricate forms to optimize the flow of their qi.


Open to all students

Skip the coffee, and come join us for an invigorating and energizing early morning qigong session! We will go over the Eight Sectional Brocade which is designed to increase qi and blood flow to specific areas of the body. In this class you will also have an opportunity to practice the more advanced Yi Jin Jing form which focuses on the muscles and tendons to increase qi energy. This class is a wonderful way to jumpstart your day! 


Open to students who have completed 3 months (at least 3 classes per month) of the Introductory to Shaolin and or Essential/Morning Qigong. 

Power Qigong is a low impact yet effective way to build solid stances, core, balance and inner strength, through stance work and nothing but stance work! Get ready to challenge your mind and body! 


Open to all students


Students needs permission from Shifu and Shimu. 

Five years ago, I sustained serious injuries to both my shoulders through the practice of full contact Martial Arts. After surgery, with the additional request from my wife, I ceased participation in all activities that could increase my chances for further injury. She then helped me discover Qigong at the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center as part of my recovery process. I needed to heal my shoulders, but also I still wanted to continue learning Martial Arts. The Qigong practice proved to be an invaluable part of my recovery while it further enriched my knowledge and understanding of the martial discipline. The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center is an amazing place to learn. Shifu and Shimu are always thoughtful, careful and considerate of the students and their needs. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Unlike many other Martial Arts schools that I've attended in the past, they don't hold back "secrets" nor are they miserly with the information or training they provide. The environment fosters a level of trust I've hardly seen anywhere else. They certainly provide a sense that feels more like "family" than just any school or a place of learning can. I can't say enough positive things about the Training Center to do it justice.

Kenzo Kobashi 

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