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At Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center, there are no ranks, no belts, and no competition.

You train against yourself to better yourself.

Shaolin Kung Fu is an ancient martial art, known to be the oldest established style of Kung Fu. It finds its origins in the Shaolin Buddhist temple on Song mountain in central China in the year 495 C.E. Since that time, it has been practiced by the monks of the temple, and passed down from master to disciple in unbroken lineages lasting generations. Shaolin kung fu has some of the oldest known, and deepest links between spirituality and martial arts, rooted in Dhyana (or Cha’an) Buddhism.

The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center was co-founded in 2001 in New York City by 35th generation Shaolin disciple Shifu Hengxin and Shimu Arlene-who also serves as Executive Director. They are passionate about cultivating and sharing the great tradition and art of Shaolin kung fu. The Center welcomes students of all abilities, experiences and stages of life. So no matter your history, their goal is to always push each individual to their full potential. There is an emphasis on limitless possibility for improvement, as we concentrate on training the body and the mind, while continuing the tradition of a beautiful and meaningful art. The most traditional principles of the Shaolin philosophy are embraced at the school, with emphasis on one’s personal improvement. There is no belt system or hierarchy. Students are organized based on their progression through the course of study. The focus remains on doing one’s personal best and challenging yourself to go beyond that.




At SKFTC we have a variety of courses fit for all skill levels. Our students learn Northern Style Shaolin Kung Fu with an emphasis on building strong foundations for the mind and body.



Shaolin Kung Fu offers kids this challenge like no other discipline or sport, and provides a healthy outlet for the pressures and stresses that they too experience each day.



Qigong, characterized as the internal part of Shaolin kung fu, has an extensive history with Shaolin Kung fu as a low-impact way to increase flexibility and build strength simultaneously.



The Intensive program is designed with the dedicated practitioner in mind. Challenge yourself to gain greater strength, flexibility and knowledge about Shaolin kung fu.



We are excited to announce that we'll be adding an In-person outdoor training starting on July 17th.
Please go to our schedule's page for more details. 


Because of COVID-19 we've transitioned our curriculum to Zoom sessions to keep our students safe and healthy while continuing kung fu training.


Our 2021 schedule for Zoom Virtual classes is up! Check out our classes and join us in training.

Admittedly, when initially looking into kung fu, the main impetus was my progressing belly. But I wanted to be in shape for various reasons, physical, mental & spiritual. Shaolin kung fu appeared to hold the answer. SKFTC was the first place I tried out and after that first trial class I knew there was no need to go anywhere else, it simply felt right. That was over 2 years ago and it has long since become the main ingredient in my life. It has helped me to engage in my life in a way not possible before. My self-discipline has greatly strengthened and I've been able to maintain a more peaceful, in-tune life amongst the flutter and flurry that is New York City. The community here is my home away from home.

Caleb Cliff

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